The Queen of England Banned the Wearing of Cow Leather Jacket in 1994

A leather blazer is a great wardrobe staple for the fall and winter seasons and can be worn under or over a traditional jacket.

This jacket is suitable for both men and women and can add warmth to your wardrobe. Leather blazer is soft, protective and attractive.

Also, this jacket is one of the most popular cow leather jacket among women and every woman should have a leather blazer in her wardrobe.

The cut of the blazer varies among different manufacturers. While some leather jackets are fitted and their length is up to the middle of the hips, others may be shorter or longer depending on their model.

These leather blazer jackets are long, almost fit the body and have wide and big collars.

Leather blazer often has three to four buttons to close the jacket and two practical pockets on both sides.

Because this jacket is often worn for fashion and beauty, it is mostly found in soft leathers such as calf leather, goat leather or even suede.

Leather blazer is produced in different colors such as brown, black, beige, white or red.


Sometimes the jacket is given a unique look by adding some extra features like a fur collar, fur around the cuffs or even buckles, an extra zipper and button.

The reason for the fame and popularity of the leather blazer is its practicality.This coat can easily be worn as a single dress or under an overcoat.

Wear a leather blazer with a collared shirt and tie for a formal look, or mix it with a matching texture for a casual look.

A leather blazer creates a beautiful combination with formal fabric pants or jeans, and to complete the style, they can be matched with a beautiful leather ankle boot.

Long leather jacket

A long leather jacket creates beautiful coverage and style, and is a great way to add warmth, durability and a stylish look to your ensemble.

Long leather jackets are produced in different lengths, which makes it possible to choose the model and gender that suits your needs.

Long leather jackets are ideal for both men and women and can help keep you warm and protect you from the winter cold.

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