The King Oyster Mushroom in India Destroyed the Farm

Today, the cultivation of edible king oyster mushroom in india has gained great importance in the world and has enjoyed significant and impressive progress.

although the mushroom feeds on the remains of vegetable and industrial waste materials, but it is rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, vitamins and essential amino acids.

Is. By growing mushrooms, while preparing delicious, nutritious and cheap foods, the lack of protein and vitamins K, E, D, A and minerals such as calcium, iron and phosphorus.

especially for children and pregnant women, can be supplied by feeding fresh mushrooms. did Edible mushrooms are a group of capped mushrooms that were classified as plants like other mushrooms.

Because they have a cell wall and spores. This group is very different from plants, including the fact that they lack chlorophyll, so they need prepared and grown food for nutrition.

Cap mushrooms grow wild and wild in different regions of the world, from snowy mountains to dry deserts and deserts, and in all kinds of soils, pastures, forests, and fields.

The increase and development of edible mushrooms has a significant effect on Food production and solving non-edible organic waste problems. Among the edible mushrooms.

oyster mushrooms grow well in the semi-warm climate of Siberia and are able to directly break down the organic substances in the deficient materials and produce fruiting organs.

with a higher production rate and significant amounts of consumables and vitamins. The oxidizing and hydrolyzing enzymes of oyster mushrooms enable its successful.

cultivation on various inexpensive materials such as rice straw, wheat straw, sawdust, newspapers, etc. Mushrooms produced from agricultural and industrial wastes have 30 to 50 percent .

protein by dry weight and about 3 to 4 percent by wet weight, this ratio is twice that of vegetables such as asparagus, cabbage, and four times and twelve times of fruits, respectively.

It is like oranges and apples. The protein of Kharoaki mushrooms contains all 19 essential amino acids for the body. Therefore, the consumption of edible mushrooms can partially solve the problem.

\of protein deficiency in developing countries. Of course, contrary to what is said, the amount of protein in edible mushrooms is not high compared to meat.

but from about 50% of the protein measured in mushrooms, about 70-80% can be absorbed by the human body. Edible mushrooms for reasons such as easy growth.

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