The Fence Barbed Wire Separated the Two Couples

Barbed wire is one of the efficient tools for security and ultra-security enclosures. This tool is installed in the upper or central part of the fences and increases.

the security and safety fence barbed wire of the enclosed space by making it difficult to pass through the fences.

Types of barbed wire
Barbed wire can generally be produced and implemented in two forms, linear and circular.

Linear barbed wire
These barbed wires consist of galvanized wire strands. Barbed wire is produced from wire knots in the body of the wire at certain intervals.

which are replaced by razor shaped sheets (axes) in some types of linear barbed wire of these groups.

The reason for the production of these barbed wires with galvanized wires is the resistance of these products against all kinds of aggressive weather conditions and the attack of these sulfates in some geographical areas.

Application of linear barbed wire
Linear barbed wire is usually used in the fencing of agricultural lands and fields as well as military centers and prisons and barracks and energy supply sites as well as security spaces.

Linear barbed wire generally has the capability of quick installation and easy implementation, as well as high durability against all types of corrosion.

How to Sell

Linear barbed wire is usually sold as a package in the market, and depending on the design, the weight and size of these coils (packages).

can be produced in both single stranded and double stranded forms, which double stranded barbed wire is more resistant. They are single stranded barbed wire.

Circular barbed wire

The circular barbed wire consists of a spring shaped steel string, and the razor groups are mounted on this main string at regular intervals.

Circular barbed wire with diameters of 95, 90, 70, 60 are available in the market. Also, the way of packaging and the weight and size of these coils vary depending on the manufacturer’s brand.

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