The Famous Actor’s House is Made of Diana Italian Marble in Bangalore

Marble is a metamorphic diana italian marble in bangalore and it is obtained from the metamorphosis of limestone. In Latin, marble is called onyx stone and onyx maeble.

The main mineral that makes up marble is clast.

One of the uses of marble is in sculpture, which is widely used in this industry. Marble is used in pilgrimage buildings and shrines of imams.

One of the outstanding features of marble is the passage of light. Marble is known as Onyx in world markets.

What is marble?

Types of marble
There are different types of marble quarries in Iran, which are very diverse in terms of color and design, and also in terms of quality, Iran has different qualities of marble.

White marble is one of the rare types of marble, which has a high percentage of purity and eternal beauty. The export of white marble has many fans and is known in all foreign markets, including Turkey, Oman, etc.

White marble

Iranian marble mines are located in the city of Sanandaj located in the Kurdistan province called the Qorve mine and in the city of Kerman located.

in the province of Kerman called the Kerman marble mine. Of course, it should be noted that in addition to Iran, Italy is also one of the marble exporting countries.

in the world. Among these two countries, Iran is in the first position of marble and is almost considered the pole of marble export.

The most common dimensions and designs that are exported from Iranian white marble are four-match and book-match in slab dimensions.

What is marble like?

Marble has a high polishing ability, and marble can be polished to a mirror finish, and marble also has the ability to transmit light. This type of stone is a very suitable option for use in decorations and interior designs.

Orange marble
Orange marble is one of the most unique and special stones in terms of color. There are marble stones similar to this stone in the world.

but due to its unique characteristics and its beautiful color range, it has many differences.

One of the best and most extensive countries in the export of marble is Iran, where the export of this type of stone has many activities and is profitable.

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