Some snake venoms have anticoagulant factor in addition to coagulant factor

Recently, the issue of snake and its venom has been noticed by researchers and by observing the technical principles, they have prepared some medicinal products that are used for complications such as severe bleeding and to relieve nerve pain.

A cobra venom product, whose toxicity has been measured for each patient separately, can be recommended to relieve nerve and muscle pain or epilepsy.

It seems that the toxicity of this type of product snakes in the philippines does not penetrate to the upper centers of the brain and it may be prescribed in the future instead of morphine for some sensitive patients.

Products made from the venom of snakes such as Bothrops or Russell (V. Russelli) etc. are sometimes used in the treatment of hemophilia patients and severe bleeding such as uterine and retinal bleeding.

It is also possible that rattlesnake venom can be prepared into softener dispenser in lg washing machine a product that is used in the treatment of epilepsy, asthma or shortness of breath, nerve pain, lumbago and

Sciatica should be used. Snake venom has also been used as a blood thinner.

Some snake venoms have anticoagulant factor in addition to coagulant factor.

The action of these factors depends on the concentration of the tricot fabric poison. In low dilutions, their coagulant properties and in higher dilutions their anti-coagulant properties appear

In some East Asian countries, the skin, meat and even blood of snakes are used to treat diseases. Snake skin is also used in the leather industry.

They make shoes, belts, bags and some luxury accessories from it.

Many stories about the role of snakes in people’s lives can be found in the literature and folk legends of different countries.

Some Indians perform special ceremonies with wall mounted closet height from floor snakes.

This ceremony is considered one of the oldest religious ceremonies with a snake that has continued until our time. In general, the snake has appeared in economic, religious, artistic, medical and literary roles in relation to humans.

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