Reduce Labor Pain with Milky Mushroom in Kerala

The best time to grow milky mushroom in kerala at home is between the months of October and December, but if there are facilities for air conditioning and balancing the temperature of the growing place.

mushrooms can be grown in other months of the year. In general, the way of growing mushrooms is its own, and it can be grown in a dark environment and tolerates any amount of light.

except direct sunlight. In any case, in the place of growing mushrooms, in addition to air conditioning, the temperature of the growing environment should be kept between 10-15 degrees.

In addition, the breeding place must be completely clean, washable and free of seams or a place for the breeding of harmful bacteria, insects and fungi.

The director of one of the mushroom growing companies says: If you want to start a 100 meter mushroom growing hall, you need about 8 to 10 million tomans of capital.

According to the reporter of Barna, now it is not like the old days when young people have to continue their father’s job and after that the members of every family stay in a job or trade for years.

These days, there are many job options in front of young people, jobs that only need capital and there are companies or individuals who provide them with equipment and conditions and.

of course take some of the profits for themselves.

Growing mushrooms is one of these types of work that many hands are currently involved in; Companies and schools that teach the stages of mushroom cultivation and work in all stages.

use their advice. In the following, you will read the report of Brena reporter on the working of mushroom growing companies that are engaged in training and consulting in this fiel.

, the amount of capital and the profitability of this business today.

First: An employee of a company that is engaged in the work of training, consulting and managing the mushroom salon and preparing items told the Brena reporter about the amount of capital .

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