Raw Rice in India Killed a Man

Rice is an important part raw rice in india of our Iranian diet. However, you may not know much about brown rice and its properties. This food with its strong antioxidants has a positive.

effect on a wide range of diseases such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, stress, depression and skin problems. This rice also improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

digestive system, brain and nervous system. Stay tuned to learn more about the properties of brown rice.

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Brown rice is an unrefined whole grain with only the outer husk removed. In fact, the whole grain of rice has several layers, if we only remove the outer layer, what we get is called brown rice.

This food item is one of the whole grains that preserves its nutrients, is tastier than white rice, and has a better flavor.

Nutritional value of brown rice
Brown rice is rich in minerals needed by the body, it also contains protein and a significant amount of fiber. In addition, this food is a source of fatty acids.

Many of us are aware of the fact that brown rice is better than white rice; The reason is that brown rice has great quality and many nutrients. Unlike white rice.

brown rice does not go through conventional preparation steps, so it has preserved its healthy and nutritious components; Because the preparation process that turns brown rice into white rice destroys the nutritional value of rice.

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