Oyster Mushroom Per Kg Found in Antarctica

Nowadays, many people have turned to growing oyster mushroom per kg due to the profitability of the mushroom cultivation industry, and the use of mushroom hall equipment has made the work of producers easier.

If you also want to enter the market of the mushroom cultivation industry, but you are not sure about the income, you can read the article How much is the income of the mushroom salon.

Many studies have shown that oyster mushroom is more than a normal food and has many benefits.

To grow this mushroom, you first need to create a suitable substrate for growing oyster mushrooms in it. Note that the cultivation of oyster.

mushrooms is cheaper and more affordable than other types of available mushrooms. Also, to start growing this food item, you need to prepare mushroom hall equipment.

In this article from the eig.shop website, we have thoroughly reviewed how to grow oyster mushrooms. be with us.

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Different stages of oyster mushroom cultivation
The first step in growing this mushroom is to prepare a suitable substrate for growing mushrooms. To create this bed, you can use sawdust, cotton, forest wood, straw, olive bush, residues of agricultural products, etc. apply

October 8, 2022
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Substrate for mushroom cultivation – eig shop online store

Note that the most suitable substrate for mushroom cultivation is substrate preparation using cereal stubble such as barley, wheat, corn and straw.

Preparing the room for mushroom cultivation
In order to prepare the cultivation bed, you must have a suitable hall or workshop with a roofed cement wall and floor. It is necessary to cover the walls of this hall with plastic.

It is also very important that the humidity is the same throughout the hall.

To create the necessary humidity in the environment, you can pass water pipes with a diameter of one centimeter at a distance of about 30 cm from the ceiling of the desired hall and use these pipes.

throughout the walls. It is necessary to make small holes on these pipes at a distance of 35 to 40 cm from each other. But the right way to provide humidity in the mushroom .

hall is to buy a humidifier for the mushroom hall, which can be controlled automatically. Also, on the price page of the humidifier, you can see the types of products of the eig collection.

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