Onionin were Sold in a Strange way in the Market Today in Sri Lanka

Healing Properties of today onionin sri lanka Since ancient times, onion has been known as a healing food. But some people avoid eating onion because of its spiciness or its smell.

If you know the benefits of eating onions, you will never give them up.

Have you ever had insomnia at night? Eating some onions is the best way to get rid of insomnia. What do you do if a bee stings you?

You may not know that one of the best ways to treat a bee sting is to rub onion juice on the sting.

Onion has many properties, in addition to the fact that onion is used as a flavor for food; It is also known as a good appetizer.

The things mentioned are part of the general properties of onions that everyone knows about. But onion has many properties and many diseases can be cured with its help.

We have collected all the onion treatments and written them in an article. This article consists of 6 pages and is provided in both Word and PDF formats and it is possible to edit it.

It is worth mentioning: in this collection, in addition to the above article, there is also another research titled properties and benefits of onions (in 17 pages and in both Word and PDF formats).

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