Monkeys that Eat Home Bakery Cookies

When Eid is near, ladies and gentlemen with taste and artist think of making different sweets. The sweets that we will teach you in the following are home bakery cookies more economical in terms of cost than buying from a pastry shop!

Of course, it tastes just as good; You just have to follow the instructions for each sweet. Another important point for making Eid sweets at home is their shelf life.

Because honey sweets do not have additives and preservatives, you must pay attention to this issue. Usually, sweets that do not use eggs in their ingredients have a longer shelf life.

In the following article, we will teach you both types of sweets with long shelf life and short shelf life for Nowruz Eid 1402 in Ekala Blog.

1- Chickpea sweet
Maybe you can hardly find anyone who doesn’t like sweet peas; You can make sweet chickpeas both plain and with chocolate flavor. One of the most enjoyable features .

of chickpea sweets is its soft texture and melting in the mouth! If you want your sweets to be this good, use chickpea flour.

How to make sweet peas at home?Oil and sifted sugar powder and green cardamom are stirred until it becomes completely pure, white and light.
Add chickpea flour to the ingredients. Add chickpea flour spoon by spoon.
Put the consolidated dough in the refrigerator for an hour.

Place the dough inside the nylon and smooth it with a rolling pin.
Cut the cookie with the pea cookie cutter.
See the step-by-step tutorial on how to make chickpea cookies by clicking on the relevant link. (An issue that might attract attention when looking at the photo below is the chocolate decorations.

on the cookies! This step is completely optional and if you don’t like it, you can use sesame and pistachio slices to decorate it, like the chickpea cookies in the tray.)

2- Coconut sweets
Coconut sweets may be one of the choices that are always considered for Eid receptions; The most common problems of baking coconut cookies at home are drying or too little.

or too much sweetness! If you make this cake with the exact amount of raw materials mentioned, you will not face any of these problems.

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