Leather Casual Shoes are Among the Most Expensive in France

Natural casual leather shoes is a product processed from animal skin, and the presence of natural veins and complications on the surface of the leather is natural and the distinguishing and beautiful feature of natural leather.

Leather shoes are very durable, but it is impossible to prevent slight changes and wrinkles of natural leather. Paying attention to the maintenance of leather will help to maintain its original appearance for several years.

In addition, leather shoes that are well maintained and waxed and polished regularly (weekly) or when necessary will be more resistant to environmental effects and wear.

Since the production of shoes and leather products in Maral Leather Group is specialized, the type of leather manufacturing and tanning for summer and winter shoes is different. The uppers of the shoes have less color coverage than winter leathers

In winter, due to more contact with snow and rain, the pores of the leather surface are closed with more paint to prevent stains on the shoes and water penetration into the shoes.

This means that natural leather is a product that keeps your feet cool in summer and warm in winter. This point is one of the most important distinguishing features of Maral leather shoes.

Shoe protection
Protect your leather shoes from acidic substances and sharp objects because it will leave irreversible effects on the leather.

If there is a very deep stain on the shoe, do not try to remove it anyway because it may cause serious damage to the leather itself.

In winter, let your shoes dry at normal room temperature. The direct heat of the heater makes the leather dry and brittle, and also causes the glue and shoe soles to become loose and rotten.

To maintain the appearance and quality of the leather, you should only use special and herbal waxes suitable for the product, so that you have the necessary product, remember to wax the leather shoes well at night and leave them in a closed place and use them in the morning.

Before using all kinds of waxes, first try these materials in places of the shoes that are not visible, to make sure that they are suitable for the same product.

In the rainy season, as soon as possible, remove the mud and salt from the surface of the leather with a wet cloth and then apply wax.

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