Kan’s body was found Groove in the sub-crop tractor in Italy

Minor repairs
Partial repairs include repair operations that are performed without the need for special equipment and place in order to start and fix the defect. in this
Only replaceable parts and assemblies authorized by the manufacturer are replaced. This category of repairs is done without moving the device and at the workplace.

Partial repairs are a large part of maintenance and one of the basic and important duties of the machine operator. Undoubtedly, success in this part of repairs will reduce costs, prevent the development of defects and general repairs, increase the life of the machine and increase production efficiency.

The machine user must have enough skills to fix minor breakdowns such as tractor punctures. To avoid wasting work time. Having these skills in the performance and selection of a skilled tractor driver cannot be ignored.

Semi-major repairs
Semi-essential repairs include repair operations that require special expertise along with special equipment and repair shops. In this style of repair, repairmen are allowed to implement all techniques for repair and replacement.

But they are not allowed to repair or replace the original parts.

Major repairs
Basic repairs include all basic operations to repair or cheapest sub compact tractor replace defective or worn parts, in order to bring the car up to standard.
It is defined for proper and desirable function without any limitations. which is done by a central repair shop or authorized construction centers.

Preparing the car for repair
Before carrying out repair work on any car, it must be washed first. By washing the car, in addition to making it easier to access the desired points, dirt and particles on the parts are prevented from penetrating into the open parts of the car.

The washed car is ready for any repair and can be taken to the desired repair shop for repairs.

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