In the Period of Early Humans Navel Oranges Were Their Main Food

What is the best season to plant navel orange seedlings?
usually planting orange trees; Like other seedlings, it is preferred at the end of the cold period. In areas where there is severe winter cold, it is recommended to plant orange seedlings in late winter or early spring.

but in areas where winter is mild, it can be done in autumn or even in winter. In the northern regions of Iran, citrus fruits are usually planted from late autumn to early spring, although late winter is more suitable in these areas.

For example, in areas that are windy in spring, planting oranges in spring is preferred. Or in areas where the winter is very cold, the seedling may freeze in the winter, for this reason, autumn planting is preferred.

Orange planting season
Is it possible to plant an orange tree in the garden?
Every tree, including an orange tree, has its own growth and maintenance conditions, and if these conditions are taken into account.

it is possible to grow that tree or seedling in the garden. Paying attention to the right light and soil, along with the correct temperature and irrigation, is one of the things that should be paid enough attention to when planting oranges.

How is gardening and taking care of pests and diseases of orange trees?
The orange tree is one of the trees sensitive to cold and it performs best at a temperature of 32 degrees and above. It also needs sunlight and will grow well in sunlight conditions.

One of the issues that needs special attention for planting orange trees is root rot, which usually occurs due to excessive watering.

In addition, it should be noted that very high humidity increases the risk of fungal diseases.

A very important principle in horticulture is that paying enough attention to the health of trees and pruning and fertilizing and avoiding improper watering will significantly contribute to the health of trees.

What is the suitable soil for planting orange trees and what characteristics should it have?
Soil is one of the most important factors in the growth and development of trees, which provides them with the necessary nutrients and minerals.

Paying attention to the soil and the materials in it helps a lot to the health of orange seedlings; So that it is one of the main ways to fight pests.

The point to be observed when planting oranges is to use soil that has proper drainage. Semi light sand and clay soil with pH between 7 and 8 is the best soil for growing orange trees.

Soil that does not have proper drainage causes root rot by keeping water in it. A combination of sand, leaf soil, clay and manure is the best soil for planting orange trees.

How to water seedlings and mature orange trees?
We said that even though the orange tree likes moisture in the air, the accumulation of water in the roots leads to its decay; Therefore, special attention should be paid to irrigation.

The orange tree needs regular watering during the growing season, and regular watering affects the quality of its fruit, but it does not need watering in the fall.

Also, by planting an orange tree, there is no need for deep irrigation; Irrigation to a depth of 2.5 to 4 cm from the soil surface is sufficient. Orange seedlings need less water;

Normally, root rot mostly occurs in the first and second year of planting oranges, and it should be avoided by avoiding excessive watering.

How to take cuttings to plant an orange tree?
One of the best methods of producing and planting orange seedlings is cutting. Cuttings have principles that must be followed to get the right result.

For cuttings in oranges, a young branch of the main plant is used, which is rooted.

First, the cutting should be separated from the main plant or mother plant in the beginning or middle of the resting period, and secondly, as far as possible.

the cutting should have the largest amount of food reserves in it, which will last until the emergence and development of new roots. And take it so to speak.

How to fertilize an orange tree; What are the best chemical and animal fertilizers?
In order to supply the nutrients needed by the plant, one of the conventional methods is to use fertilizer. It is always recommended to all gardeners to test the soil to find out the minerals and nutrients needed in the soil when planting an orange tree.

and before fertilizing, and find out about its deficiencies. Or to find out about their needs by testing a number of tree leaves.

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