In the Fire of the Forest the Forest Hut with the Agate Stone Inside Remained Safe

Agate and turquoise are stones that have countless healing properties.

According to ISNA, according to the announcement of Ganja Jewelry Gallery, if you are interested in knowing more about the characteristics and properties of agate stone and turquoise.

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In order to get to know the healing properties of the turquoise stone and to understand how it affects the body, it is necessary to first learn more about the healing power of waves and the frequency of precious gems.
In the following, we will briefly review gem therapy so that you know the scientific reasons for using stones such as turquoise and agate.

Scientific review of gem therapy

According to the researches, energy is neither created nor destroyed, but is transformed from one form to another. Since all the cells of our body are moving, they have kinetic energy. The whole universe and all living and non-living beings are in constant movement.

All planets, stars, and galaxies are oscillating, from an electron orbiting a nucleus to a seemingly stationary piece of rock.

In verse 88 of Surah Namal, the Lord Almighty says: “When you look at the mountains, you think they are motionless, while they are moving like clouds. It is the handiwork of God, who has made everything in perfection and strength. Indeed, He knows everything you do.”

Therefore, we can conclude that everything is vibrating with its own frequency. Each part of the body has its own frequency. The healthy vibration of the body is called resonance.

If this vibration is not as intense as it is, it will lead to disease and this imbalance of frequencies can be treated by applying healthy vibration.

With the advancement of technology and different equipment, researchers have been able to measure the frequency of different gems. Scientists believe that gemstones with their unique color and frequency each have specific healing properties.

In a narration from Imam Sadiq, it is said that turquoise gives strength to the eyes. Today, it has been proven that this precious stone is very effective in the treatment of cataracts and prevents its formation.

Turquoise is also very effective in strengthening ears, neck and throat, migraines and headaches.

It is also useful for the respiratory system and helps the body a lot in the treatment of lung disorders and allergies. Using a turquoise necklace protects the trachea and reduces bronchitis. By treating respiratory diseases, this stone may also cure speech disorders such as stuttering.

In what colors is the turquoise stone?

Turquoise stone is available in green, blue and blue-green colors, the most expensive one in the market is sky blue. 9 countries in the world have turquoise mines.

but the highest quality turquoise in the world belongs to the Neyshabur mine. You can visit to buy a turquoise ring with an original Neyshabur gem.

Introducing the types of opal stones

Agate stone has different types due to the various shapes that exist in its circular and flat layers, which we will mention in the following.

Red, green, blue agate and…

As a result, the effect of metal oxides such as iron, manganese and other elements of agate stone can be seen in different colors in nature, of which red, green, blue, yellow and black agates are common types.

Solomon Aqiq

The most common type of agate is seen with regular light and dark bands.

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