High Quality Export Onion That Heals Open Wounds

This export quality onion has a completely white skin and a mild and cool taste. The difference between white and yellow is that white onions are sweeter and have a shorter shelf life than yellow onions.

In general, the white and red types have a shorter lifespan than yellow onions because they have more sugar.

In terms of use, it is almost like red onion, it can be eaten raw or used in salads and dips. This onion is the best choice for Mexican dishes. Small white onions are used in soups.

casseroles and kebabs, this type is known as boiled onions.
These onions are small and sweet and have a special and delicious taste. They are available in white, yellow, and red colors, but white is more common.

These onions were first cultivated in Germany and Italy in home gardens. The biggest inconvenience with using fresh pear-shaped onions is peeling them.

For ease of work, put them in boiling water and easily remove their skin with your fingers. These onions are a good choice for pickling, grilling, steaming and using in barbecue dice.
Chives or green onions that have long green leaves with a small elongated bulb at the end. We Iranians usually use chives in eating vegetables and make cookies with their leaves.

The white part of chives is sharper and you can combine it with ginger and garlic and use it to flavor food, chive leaves can also be used in salads.
It is very similar to chives, with the difference that the onion seen at the end of the green leaves is bigger and rounder. In fact, this is not a specific type of onion, but the same yellow.

red and white onions that were harvested early. You can eat them grilled and their leaves are also suitable for making cocoa.

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