Get Thick Hair with the Old Spice in USA

One of the concerns of most women is how to flavor meat dishes and what are the special spices for meat dishes?

Meat itself has a special smell that may be unpleasant for some people.

Proper cooking methods of meat to remove its bad smell can be a good solution for people who hate the smell of meat and refrain from consuming it.’

but these foods without old spice in usa may not taste good and as You know, the most important features of a great food are its aroma, color and taste.

Making a delicious dish has certain tricks, the most important of which is the right choice of spices. If you want your cooking to be popular with everyone.

you should be more careful in choosing the spices you use.

Therefore, today in this article we will introduce spices for meat dishes; We serve one of the most popular Iranian dishes, so stay with Salmatour.

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Spices are actually seeds, fruits and roots of plants that are used in the form of pen, crushed or powdered to give aroma and color to food. For thousands of years.

spices have been used as seasoning, food flavoring and medicine. There are various spices all over the world, but each climate uses them according to the dominant type of food and its taste.

The important point in using spices is to use which spice and to what extent for which food. A little spice can change a dish dramatically and add a distinct flavor to the ingredients.

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Spices for meat dishes
Ottoman spice
Ottoman spice is the king of spices and the recipe for preparing this spice has been left from the time of the Ottoman Empire. This spice has a wonderful aroma and taste.

and its use gives a different aroma to your food.

How to prepare Ottoman spices

One of the meat spices is Ottoman spice, which consists of a combination of several aromatic spices with saffron and is dark orange in color.

The main attraction of this spice is the coriander seeds, black pepper and thyme leaves that are eaten coarsely and mixed with the powder of other ingredients.

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