Get 10 Years Younger with Red Pure Honey Per Litre

The term “adulterated honey” means that the honey contains, in addition to nectar collected, processed and stored by bees, glucose, dextrose, syrup.

corn syrup, sugar syrup, invert sugar, flour, starch or any similar product. It has been added. Legal standards and requirements for foods, including honey quality and honey adulteration tests.

vary widely among countries and pure honey per litre may not meet some of the demands of every consumer around the world.

Buy pure honey

Personally, I think it’s impossible to tell whether honey is good or fake just by looking at the content of honey through a glass or reading food and nutrition labels when choosing honey in the store.

What I always do is go to trusted or better known brands. The best way is to be able to ask the source or supplier of honey about that honey and how it is harvested and processed to know its quality.

However, it is not possible for us to have direct access to bee farms and beekeepers.

When buying commercial honey, we all know that the “pure honey” label in no way guarantees that the honey has not been diluted with water or sweetened with corn syrup; This mark only guarantees.

that there is real pure honey inside, but does not give any information about the amount of pure honey in that product. This law does not require the mark of pure honey and only says .

how much pure honey is in the bottle. Also, prices are not always a good sign of honey quality. In cases of food fraud, which happens a lot with Chinese honey, manufacturers can mix different .

honey flower mixtures and sell it as more expensive varieties such as Manuka honey.

And the so called “local honey” may not be produced and processed in that place and may be low-quality and cheap honey imported from other countries, and sold as local honey.

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