Forbidding the President of Italy from Eating White Truffle Mushrooms

Compared to other fruits and vegetables, white truffle mushroom it can be said that have the highest level of protein and the lowest level of cholesterol.

Also, this summer has a lot of special vitamins such as B, C, vitamin D.

Mushrooms are recommended if you are looking for an excellent source of nutrients such as iron, potassium and potassium along with folic acid to compensate for blood deficiency.

Important factors in mushroom cultivation in Isfahan
The mushroom farm you want should be as close as possible to your place of residenceAccess to water resources.
Easy access to the required equipment.
Having a trained and familiar work force.
Easy access to the source of electrical energy.
The distance of the mushroom farm from chemical gas producing industries.

Access to sufficient space.
To grow mushrooms in Isfahan, you do not need special equipment and space.

You can use clean soil that is free from any agricultural waste to provide a substrate for mushroom growth.

You don’t need full time labor to grow mushrooms, because the method of maintaining and growing them is not very sophisticated.

Types of mushrooms

There are many types of mushrooms, but the most cultivated type in Isfahan is the white button mushroom because it is in the highest demand. Some of the most important types of mushrooms are:

White button mushroom
Dingeri oyster mushroom
oyster mushroom
Abalone oyster mushroom
Pink oyster mushroom or salmon
Tarragon oyster mushroom

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