Engineering Bricks in Pakistan was Found in the Bag of One of the Students

Brick is one of the materials that are made in different sizes and shapes, and this diversity and consistency with other materials has made its use in dome and arched arches easier and more optimal.

In fact, this product is more widely used than engineering bricks in pakistan other construction materials and naturally, due to its reasonable price, it is usually used in all construction projects.

Now, according to this introduction, join Parshin Sazeh to study a comprehensive and practical article on brick and its types.

A brief history of brick making
Brick is one of the oldest building materials, whose age, according to some archaeologists, reaches ten thousand years ago. The primitive brick kilns were undoubtedly made in places where layers.

of firewood and clay are stacked alternately. It is interesting to know that the remains of pottery and brick kilns in Shush and Silk Kashan date back to the 4th millennium BC.

Also, signs of brick production and consumption in India have been obtained, which indicates a six thousand year history of bricks in this country.

In the past, people used to mix clay and straw by kicking them to make bricks. Then, the prepared mixture was poured into rectangular molds and placed in the sun to bake.

but the resulting brick could not hold itself without straw. Therefore, the people of Babylon, Assyria and ancient Egypt realized that by melting clay, bricks are obtained which are stronger and more resistant to weather.

Actually, the use of bricks made with clay dates back to about 5000 years ago and apparently it was used for the first time to build cities in Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley in Pakistan.

Therefore, it can be boldly stated that the existence of brick and its construction has a history of several thousand years.

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