Due to the One Truck Bricks Electricity Became Expensive

Brick is one of the most important building materials that is widely used in construction. According to their type and gender.

bricks are used in different one truck bricks parts of the building, such as floors, walls, etc.

Bricks are one of the oldest materials in the construction industry and are often produced in a rectangular shape.

Due to their stability and durability and their reasonable price, they are widely used in projects. You must have seen it used to build walls in the walls of buildings.

Bricks have always been of interest in the construction industry since the past, because of their different dimensions, price, and many uses, which have made them used at any time.

Bricks are produced by baking raw clay in a kiln and in heat. In the following, we plan to get acquainted with the types of building bricks.

Because for each part of the construction, we have to use the appropriate brick.

pressed brick
This type of brick is one of the oldest and most widely used bricks, which are also called solid bricks, and these bricks are also compatible with the environment.

In the past, these bricks were used in the construction of barb walls, carrier walls, separators, etc., but with the construction of towers and tall buildings and the heavy weight .

of these bricks, their use gradually decreased. These bricks are always used in foundation, ground floor and bearing walls.

concrete brick
These bricks are made of cement and sand and they transfer this material to the mold in the form of mortar and remove it from the mold after forming. Because of their strength.

these bricks are used in the arrangement of walls, and they perform well against earthquakes.

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