Duco Thinner in India Caused the Murder of a Child

This type of duco thinner in india is made with different volatility degrees in the range of 8000 to 20000.

of which 15000 and 20000 volatility grade thinners are made for all types of car paint.

Instant thinner is lipophilic and this feature causes skin corrosion in case of direct contact and its penetration into the skin.

The combination of instant thinner and wood color is also used to paint wooden surfaces.

Oil thinner (alkyd)
Oil thinner is made of hydrocarbon solvents. It is used for oil paints .

(usually with a ratio of 0.5 times). This thinner has special features. For example, the color of this thinner is white. Also, its ignition point is higher than cellulose thinner and it dries later

• Epoxy thinner
Epoxy thinner is also called polyepoxide. This thinner is used for epoxy paints and to reduce the viscosity of these paints.



Glue and paint are also used to wash painting tools and sprays.

Epoxy thinner
• Polyurethane thinner
Polyurethane thinner has low solubility power. Because polyurethane paints have high viscosity and dry faster than other paints.

• Washing thinner
Acetone, washing liquid and car dashboard wax are a type of detergent thinner that are actually.

used to wash surfaces. In fact, this type of thinner is the same instant thinner plus chemicals to make it less soluble.

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