Disposable Latex Gloves Found in the White House

Types of gloves in dentistry
Disposable nitrile gloves
Nitrile gloves are made of synthetic materials. One of the advantages of this type of glove is its high elasticity and durability.

This disposable latex gloves is very well known among people with its blue color. Of course, it should be noted that the duration of using nitrile gloves is 8 hours.

Nitrile gloves are highly resistant to the corona virus.

Lifespan of nitrile gloves

After 8 hours, you can disinfect it with ethanol alcohol and continue for a while

Use what is out of hand.

Disposable nylon gloves or disposable gloves
Disposable nylon gloves do not have a high resistance against the corona virus and in the faceDisinfecting it with ethanol alcohol increases its penetration.

Vinyl gloves or colorless gloves
Vinyl gloves are made of synthetic materials.

Among the advantages of vinyl gloves, it can be mentioned that it is affordable and comfortable.

Vinyl gloves are designed to be colorless and transparent. The resistance of this type of glove against the virus is one third.

Clear gloves or vinyl gloves should never be reused after disinfection as they increase virus penetration.

Latex gloves
This type of glove is made of natural rubber.

Latex gloves in two forms: powder less latex gloves and powder-free latex gloves

It is offered in the market.

One of the advantages of latex gloves is the highest resistance; Comfort, flexibility, fit and tactile sensitivity

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