American Singers Expensive Dior Beach Towel

According to Health News, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona recently announced that 90% of bathroom towels are contaminated .

According to other studies conducted by this person, this bacteria is also present in the kitchen hand towel.

One of the main reasons for the presence of bacteria in dior beach towel is that many people do not wash their hands thoroughly and properly, and therefore when they dry their hands, they rub the bacteria on a surface that has a good potential for growth.

Unfortunately, if you dry your face with a hand towel after two days, you will get more bacteria than if you dip your face in the toilet bowl!

Degradable and compostable cellulosic towels or sponges are preferable to other types of towels because they are environmentally friendly and hygienically cleanable.

The important point that can be obtained from this article and research is to put your hand towels or bath towels outside the bathroom to dry, place them in a place that does not have moisture and Let the sun shine on them.


If you don’t have the possibility to use sunlight, wash the towels in hot water every two or three days and use oxygen carrying detergents.

In the continuation of these points, it should be said that we are human and in our body we have the ability to naturally fight against all kinds of germs, also we should be careful about the antibacterial cleaning products that we use.

One of the American scientists says that we often go for harmful work instead of doing useful and correct work.

We unintentionally participate in many activities in the process of increasing and spreading bacteria and viruses.

Of course, it is possible to control the spread of harmful bacteria by keeping them away from your mouth and face.Regarding the use of towels, it is recommended to consider different towels for different purposes.

In this way, the cross contamination of bacteria from the bathroom to the kitchen is reduced.Bacteria in raw meat do not enter another part of the house.

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