A Woman Cured her Cancer by Eating Red Mango Fruit

Mango varieties
The most famous types of mangoes are:

Alphonso: The Alphonso red mango fruit known as the king of mangoes, originates from India and is extremely sweet and juicy. The skin of this fruit is bright yellow and its flesh is saffron.
Keith: A large mango that retains its green color even when fully ripe. Kit mango stays on the tree longer than other varieties and has a very sweet taste.
Tommy Atkins is one of the most common mango varieties grown in Florida. The flesh of this fruit is firm and relatively juicy and yellow in color.
Kent: A large type of mango with green and dark red skin and very tender flesh.

Haden: The color of this fruit is bright yellow and has rich cream or red streaks. The skin of the fruit is thick and the flesh is juicy and bright yellow.
Francis: It is a relatively large type of mango that can be seen in different colors from yellow to light green.
Glenn: The color of this fruit is bright yellow with orange-red veins. Its skin is thin and its flesh is deep yellow, soft and juicy.

Nutritional value of mango
Mango has a very high nutritional value. This fruit is a good source of various vitamins and minerals. The nutritional value of one cup (165 grams) of mango is as follows.

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