A Person Was Admitted to Medicine by Eating Green Figs

Green figs are considered to be of the berry family and of the genus Ficus.

Because figs are native to the Mediterranean, they prefer warmer climates, but they also grow in northern regions.

This tree has broad hairy leaves with deep furrows.

It is a deciduous tree, so with the beginning of the autumn season, the green leaves of this plant change to yellow and orange and finally fall. This tree is originally native to areas of Southwest Asia and the Middle East.

The fig tree does not have such deep roots, but some fig trees have strangely deep roots. Figs are pollinated by a type of bee that enters the fruit seed through a small groove.

Fig trees produce fruit on the branch, although rare species of fig trees produce fruit on the stem as well.

The fruit of wild fig trees has no commercial value and the fig bee spends the winter in the fruit of these trees
Appearance characteristics of the fig tree:
Figs are considered to be fruitful trees that have delicious and sweet pear-shaped fruit.


It is very meaty and at the same time juicy, and it is used in various ways, especially for fresh eating, jam, jelly, cooking, etc.

The fig tree has different varieties. For this reason, the fruit of this plant appears in different colors of green, purple, yellow, etc.

It has many properties, so that in addition to the fruit, the leaves of this plant are also used in traditional medicine.

The height of this plant varies depending on the climatic conditions and reaches 12 meters.

It grows in most areas and needs sunlight, suitable temperature, soil, irrigation, timely pruning and fertilizer to grow. It also has relatively easy and fast growth.

If this plant is watered too much, the fruit of this plant will crack. The flowers of this plant are male and female and appear inside the pear-like inflorescence.

The first young fruit of this tree appears from the second or third year. But it takes 5 to 10 years for the fig tree to start bearing fruit, depending on different conditions.

The point is that the part that is known as the fruit of the fig tree and is used is not actually a fruit, but in fact it is a pear-shaped appendage with fig flowers in large numbers inside it, so that the sugary substance surrounds it. has taken.

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