A Man Strangled his Wife using a Double Two Seater Sofa

Today, in addition to families who live in rented houses, there are also people who live in temporary houses.

Such as people who travel to another city for work or to continue their education, and it goes without saying that these people prefer to.

have fewer things so two seater Sofa that it is easier for them to move around, and therefore functional and comfortable furniture, at the same time multi purpose, light and compact.

It may be strange to you how a set of furniture can be a table, a bed, a closet, and a library; For this reason, with some pictures, we try to provide a clear idea of this issue to the readers of Tokamag Furniture and Decoration Magazine:

The first thing seen in the picture above is a set of furniture; But these are designed in such a way that there is an empty space inside them that can be used as a closet.


A separate piece designed in the form of a table is called an ottoman, which is a very practical piece, and of course, today we know it as pouf or sofa pouf.

The ottoman is also designed as a closet:

Ottomans are pieces of furniture that must be mentioned whenever there is talk about Kamja furniture.

In the picture below, you can see how an ottoman is both a table and a bed by attaching it to the sofa:

It should be mentioned that you can place a glass or metal piece on the ottoman to make it easier to use the ottoman as a table.

Think about the sentence we have titled; Do you not agree with us? Our description may convince you: the sofa is our most perfect symbol of comfort, even more than the bed; It is our refuge.

Furniture is the central base of the interior for gathering, harmony and solidarity, which is why it is used as a visual totem for family and friendly communication.

Couch means you are at home, it means you are safe, it means you can relax and be with your friends or someone you love.

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