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Choosing a new toilet for the building can seem like a difficult experience, because you have to consider various things such as model, size, color, etc. in choosing this device.

In addition, when choosing a toilet, in addition to the above, you should consider parameters such as the purchase price, appearance and compatibility of this device with the bathroom of your home.

But by sanitary ware this article, you can get useful information about the specifications of the best toilet and get to know better ways to choose a toilet.

All types of toilets
One of the most important things that can help you in choosing the best toilet is knowing the types of toilets.

Today, all kinds of toilets are designed and produced in six different models.

You can choose one of these models according to the type of design you have in mind for your bathroom, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each:

Two piece toilet
The two-piece toilet is one of the common models of this product, which most people choose.

This product has a separate toilet bowl and tank, which can be connected to the tank during the installation of the toilet or installed separately.

Characteristics of the best toilet 1

One of the positive features of this product is the ability to move and carry its two pieces separately.

Also, the low price of buying this product, along with the possibility of replacing and repairing its parts because they are separate, are the advantages that exist in two piece toilets.

On the other hand, the two piece toilet has more corners compared to the single piece type, which makes it much harder to clean.

Regardless of the weight of the two-piece toilet, its size is also large and occupies more space in the bathroom.

Single piece toilet
It may seem that there is no difference between a one piece toilet and a two piece toilet, but in reality it is not.

A single-piece toilet occupies less space and has a tank and a toilet bowl attached together.

Specifications of the best toilet 2

But regardless of the high quality of the single piece model, we can point out disadvantages such as the high price of this product as well as its low height compared to the floor.

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Wall hung toilet
One of the most modern types of toilets is wall hung or wall mounted. This product has a tank that is placed inside the wall.

Among the advantages of the wall hung toilet compared to its normal model, it can be mentioned that it occupies less space, the ability to wash the lower part, and the possibility of installation in modern and small bathrooms.

But its purchase price is high compared to other products, and you should also get help from a plumber to install a wall-hung toilet.

Because in order to install a wall-hung toilet, the structure of this device and its special piping system must be installed inside the wall.

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