A Frog Carrying a Hollow Core Interior Door the Water and Drowned

If the  of the buildings can be opened and closed easily, it is a positive point, but the conditions are not always according to our wishes.

Sometimes, the wooden hollow core interior door may be crooked or crooked in relation to the frame. If you see this problem, it is better to first look for the reason for the warping of the wooden door and then find ways to fix it.

When a door opens with difficulty or is not flush with the frame when closed, it is misaligned and warped.

This problem may cause the four sides of the door to scratch the floor and the surroundings and damage the surrounding components; For this reason, you should find solutions to fix the wooden door swing.

There are several reasons that lead to wooden door warping; For example, when the door hinge screws are loose, the door will be unbalanced in its position.


Another reason for warping of a wooden door is aging and wear and tear, exposure of wood to moisture or loose door base. Any of these causes can cause the building, rooms and other components to tilt and not hold.
When dealing with door warping, the first and most important step is to remove the door from the frame and sand it.

After the repair, you can return it to its place, but this way is not possible for everyone, because it causes a lot of trouble and is beyond everyone’s ability.

On the other hand, sanding requires a lot of precision and it is possible to do it until you damage a part of the door. For this reason, more convenient methods can be used.

We suggest that you first find the cause of the warping of the wooden door and then refer to one of the methods that we offer and be sure that you will fix the warping of the wooden door easily.

Find the problem first
To find the cause of wooden door tilting, examine the door from all angles, from the outside and inside. Mark the points that are not measured.

Look for uneven surfaces and gaps, and inspect door components such as hinges and hinges.

Some doors have pot hinges, some have simple hinges, and some have metric hinges. In any case, depending on the type of hinge, check all the screws.

Also, measure the four sides of the door with measuring tools and see which side does not meet the 90 degree angle.

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