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Definition of built-in shower
As it is clear from the name of this product, a built-in shower is a bathroom shower in which all its components, except for the showerhead and showerhead, are placed inside the wall and under the tile.

This new bathroom shower system makes it more beautiful and saves space and reduces the possibility of damage.
Advantages of built-in shower
Built-in shower makes the bathroom beautiful
Perhaps the most important difference between a built-in shower and a normal shower is in the appearance of the bathroom. In the bathroom where a built-in shower is used, it gives a beautiful feeling to your eyes and makes showering a pleasant task.

Increase the space by buying a built-in shower
Since the pipes and hoses and most of the built-in shower equipment are located inside the wall, they save space and can be a suitable option for small bathrooms. And it also reduces the possibility of damage such as eating the body or another device to the milk.

Buy a built-in shower and less damage
As we talked about the benefits of built-in plumbing in previous articles and said that built-in plumbing reduces breakdowns, built-in shower is no exception to this rule. Because the built-in shower is under the tile, it is less likely to be hit.

Disadvantages of built-in shower
Although the built-in shower has many advantages, if we are careless in buying it, we may suffer heavy losses.

If the built-in shower is not installed and tested correctly, after finishing the tiling, we notice a leak in it, replacing and repairing it is a difficult and costly task.

Also, installing a built-in shower requires an expert and it is not so easy to install like a normal shower.


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